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Few things are as exciting as finding your dream home or an office that suits the needs of your expanding enterprise. However, excitement can quickly fade when the realization that you’ll need to MOVE all of your belongings sinks in. Especially if you have large furniture, pianos, or fragile or timeless pieces, inexperienced hands managing the movement of a fine art piece or the breakdown of expensive equipment can lead to disastrous consequences, including damage to the item or injury to the mover. At Southeast Moving Services, we have been in the moving business for years, and each member of our specialty moving team has trained to handle unique and special moves.

Antique Movers


Antique Movers are trained to keep antique furniture and items safe during moving, packing, and transporting. These timeless pieces are unique and irreplaceable, and our experts ensure your antique furniture is moved with care.

electronics movers

Electrical Fixtures, Appliances, Electronics

Our team will disconnect and carefully wrap any wires and ensure that your equipment makes it to its new home. TVs, computers, stereo systems, and other sensitive electronics need to be moved with care.

Fine Art Movers

Fine Art

Fine Art Moving must be handled with extreme care. Expensive paintings and sculptures must be packaged and moved using special covers to protect each piece.

Piano movers

Piano Moving

Piano Movers are trained in the delicate act of transporting pianos and grand pianos.

Southeast piano movers know how to protect your piano or organ, and they have all the specific tools, dollies, ramps, pads, straps, and more.

Pool Table Movers

Pool Tables

Pool Table Moving is not a lite task, yes pun intended! Our professional moving crew is strong enough and well equipped to move all sizes of pool tables! Call us for a free quote.