Moving a family of four is hard enough, but relocating an entire business into or out of a city as bustling as Chattanooga – with dozens or hundreds of employees – can be a real challenge. Though coordinating a commercial move is daunting, with some careful organizing and planning, it’s more than doable. Start with these tips, and reach out to a Chattanooga moving company for personalized advice on how to move your business to or from Chattanooga.

Take It Slow (if Possible)

This may not be feasible on a time crunch, but aim to move during down time. If possible, a typically slow season is a good time to schedule your movers. Check that you don’t have training scheduled around that time, and let clients and workers know when the move is happening – and which address they need to start going to. Communicate the move well in advance, and keep everyone informed through the entire process.

Budget, Plan, and Prepare

With a commercial move, you can’t plan too far in advance. Here are a few important factors you can’t afford to overlook:

  • When you schedule a move date, make sure someone is onsite to coordinate movers.
  • Tell the movers your precise needs. These professionals understand the demands of a commercial move, and they’re working to make your life easier.
  • Prepare as much as you can beforehand, but communicate with your movers. There’s no need to dismantle equipment if they’re prepared to do so.
  • Ensure your movers know where they’re going and when you’ll meet them at the new location.

Give Yourself (and Your Clients) Enough Time

It can take several days to load and unload, especially for big businesses. But you also need to set aside enough time to unpack and get back online. Your budget and timeline should be flexible enough to address any changes in these plans.

Work with Qualified Commercial Movers

The right team will streamline this process, working with you to understand your specific needs. It’s important, however, to start prepping as soon as possible. Here are a few ways these specialists will make your life easier:

  • Before the move: Start with an onsite visit, outlining exactly what you need. Movers will let you know what you can expect to pay, and they’ll provide a full list of services you can take advantage of. They’ll take a preliminary inventory, helping them come fully prepared and ready to move your company as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  • During the move: These teams pack in the most efficient way possible. For example, they can store and transport equipment, like desks and filing cabinets, in a way that requires minimal unloading or rearranging. Let your team focus on getting back to work as soon as possible, ensuring all the odds and ends are met. Movers will set everything up and ensure all your supplies arrive safely.

There’s plenty you can do to prepare with your Chattanooga moving company, but do your best to keep employees in the loop, too. They’ll have the address ahead of time, but encourage them to a take a trip and see the new property on their own. You can also let them know what’s nearby and provide a simple floorplan to help them get acquainted.